Al Murphy’s Murphyism’s

Halloween Creatures by Al MurphyMany full moon’s ago we ligged a party on the promise of free vodka & a performance by a talented Murphy Kid.  We came away from the show with a bottle of vodka in one pocket & a new friend Al Murphy in’t other & a screenprint of his work with no pocket to fit in which subsequently got lost to  the night.

Al’s since designed the iconic ISM house bag sleeve for us (Sesame Street meets Disraeli gears), a series of flyers for The Social, some T-shirts, painted the Heavenly mural that span 2 floors of our old office (back in the day when record labels could afford 2 floors) & been the only artist unfortunate to have a pice of his work stolen from his exhibition at The Social (YO THIEF FOOL IF YOUR READING THIS THERE IS AN AMNESTY CLAUSE ON THAT PIECE IF RETURNED)

You will no doubt recognize some of his handywork if you go to his website & there’s a cheeky piece in the Guardian’s G2 section today.

Excellent stuff Murph! Happy Halloween x


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