Fender ‘The Golden Age 1946–1970′

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Written, researched, photographed & designed by our very own Martin & Paul Kelly this is undoubtedly the ultimate book about Fender guitars. It celebrates iconic instruments that would change musical history forever and offers a unique look at some of the finest guitars and
amplifiers ever produced. This unique book traces the history of Fender guitars and amplifiers from
their creation in 1946 up until the early seventies – when the company’s golden age drew to a close.
It traces the history of Fender from its humble beginnings, through the rise of popular music and the
sale of the company to the mighty CBS corporation for $13.2 million in 1965. It also charts Leo
Fender and his partner Don Randall’s association with the brand for the next five years while they
remained consultants to CBS.

Leo Fender’s inventions have had a greater influence on modern music than those of any other
maker. He changed the way music was created and heard forever. In this book over 270 guitars in
every model and style are lovingly photographed and detailed by the authors, from the greatest to the
rarest – Strats, Teles and the infamous Marauder. It collects together more rare Fender guitars than
have ever been seen in one book before.

The book traces the history and influence of the company with a level of detail no other book can
rival. These vintage guitars are among the most loved and collectable in the world. Fender’s designs
are far more than simply tools with which to make music – they are part of the cultural landscape of
the 20th century and meaningful to each successive generation who experience them.
The authors have travelled the world and been entrusted with some of the most valuable and
exceptionally rare guitars on earth. The photography, layout and overall design represent their
collective vision of a holistic celebration of the Fender aesthetic, and is the culmination of their
passion and obsession with all things Fender.

The book is now available to pre-order from Amazon;
Fender ‘The Golden Age 1946–1970′
Martin Kelly, Paul Kelly, TerryFoster
Published: 7th June 2010 Price: £25.00

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