King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are returning to EU

We are very excited to have King Gizzard back for a string of dates in Europe this summer. British shows include Glastonbury in June and London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Liverpool in July.

You can purchase their last album, Quarters, via Rough Trade or iTunes.

Here’s what Stu Mackenzie from the band said about the release in a recent interview with The Guardian:

“I wanted to make a record where I didn’t have to yell,” says Mackenzie, “as well as exploring some longer, repetitive song structures.” Four tracks, four quarters, each one precisely 10.10 minutes long, each one an extended jam teeming with melodies, the occasional trickle of water, space funk, laughter like Pink Floyd and deliciously unfussy grooves. “I also didn’t want to use any brutal guitar pedals or sing through blown-out guitar amps as I usually would.”

“What is psych?” asks Stu Mackenzie. “Is it psyche? Is it psychedelic? If it’s an exploratory approach to music then perhaps we are. If it’s about creating huge walls of glistening, phased-out guitars then we are not. I’ve always felt more like a garage band than anything. We don’t write songs about space, either.”

“Music is exploratory for me,” says Mackenzie, whose dad would sing him to sleep with Neil Young and Paul Kelly songs. He later graduated to 1960s psych garage compilations such as Pebbles and Nuggets, and on to “weirder, 1970s eastern stuff” like Erkin Koray and Flower Travellin’ Band. “I feel like there are a million ways to make music or make a record that I haven’t explored yet. Not to mention so many instruments to learn, music to hear, cultures to explore.”

“Language to me is music and there is a lot of rhythm and melody in the way people talk. Music and lyrics are one and the same. I’m not sure where the lyrics come from but, for me, it is surely the same part of the brain as the music.”

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