Meet The Liverpool Costume designer who makes Stealing Sheep’s ‘LEGS.’

Liverpool Echo News have interviewed Liz Sheard about her costume designs: she’s the girl behind Stealing Sheep’s two tone coloured tights that feature on the front of their album cover ‘Not Real.’

Liz Sheard - Costume Designer

Liz has been preparing the costumes and set for ‘Mythopoeia III’ entitled ‘LEGS.’ An evening of music, DJ’s and colour curated by Stealing Sheep, the third instalment will be the final one at Liverpool venue, The Kazimier.

It takes place on Saturday 28th November, tickets are available here.

Mythopoeia III

Mythopoeia III’s focal point is Stealing Sheep’s ‘Legs’ show, but there will also be performances by friends, artists and bands across the club, garden and arts academy spaces. This will be the last residency night Stealing Sheep will produce in the club before it closes at the end of the year.

Legs, which is inspired by the cover artwork of Stealing Sheep’s second album Not Real, is an ad hoc ‘synth-dance’ project in the form of a feature length show that expands their visual spectacle into the realms of UV, experimental disco, 80s aerobics and sci-fi fantasy. Think Bananarama, Kate Bush and Kraftwerk.

Mythopoeia is a world of surrealism and imagination, where strange characters exist. They lure the audience in with their optical illusions and hypnotic limbs. The characters get together to perform their ritual dance that reveals their story and how they found their unity.


Not Real - Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep’s album sleeve for ‘Not Real’ has been nominated for this years Art Vinyl award.

You can vote for the sleeve to win here. 

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