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Katherine Cantwell is Heavenly Recordings online co-ordinator. She has been at the label for the past year as a full time member of staff. During her university studies she worked with the label following her induction to Heavenly via TOY, whom she witnessed supporting The Horrors at Brixton academy in 2009. Since she has fallen in love with every aspect of Heavenly Recordings back catalogue, The Social, Caught by the River & truly believes that pure magic is the key to Heavenly’s longevity.

Here’s Katherine’s playlist, exclusive to Fred Perry Subculture, it celebrates the labels current roster, Heavenly at 25 years. 

The Voyeurs – Be Glamorous
Taken from The Voyeurs debut 2013 album ‘Clarietta,’ ‘Be Glamorous’ displays the bands fascination in the CBGB era and the infectious stomp of the 70s art punk scene. Charlie previously told NME that he wanted to make, ‘primitive, sexy, glamorous rock ‘n’ roll music.’ This track reflects that statement with a dangerous strut, all under three minutes, it glitters and sparkles like the nightclubs of their beloved decade. 

Hooton Tennis Club – Kathleen Sat on The Arm of Her Favourite Chair
The second single from ‘Highest Point in Cliff Town’ the bands charming debut record, ‘Kathleen…’ brings a smile to my face every time it plays. It’s a wonky pop song with lyrics about ‘drawing cartoons’ and ‘traveling on trains.’ Recorded and produced by fellow merseysider Bill Ryder-Jones, it captures the spirit of a band finding something joyous in the everyday.  

H.Hawkline – Spooky Dog
Huw Evans, aka H.Hawkline described 2015’s LP ‘In The Pink of Condition’ as ‘strange pop.’ ‘Spooky Dog’ is the essence of this comment, why else would he be dreaming about chewing on silver? The perplexing lyrics only add to the intrigue, magnified further by the kooky guitar arrangements. It’s story telling the Welsh way… an attractive eccentricity. 

Kid Wave – Best Friend
‘Best Friend’ is Kid Wave’s Lea Emmery telling us about a former buddy, their shared memories and a last ditch attempt to amend a broken friendship. Although not the brightest subject matter, Kid Wave deliver their songs with such a hazy, sun-kissed glow that their debut LP ‘Wonderlust’ has a youthful warmth, and a reminder that not all life’s lessons are built on negativity. 

Temples – Move With The Season
Every track on Temples debut album ‘Sun Structures’ is golden, a fantastical record that’s a journey’s through a neo-psych wonderland. It was fitting that this record marked Heavenly’s 100th release and was honoured as Rough Trade Shops album of year, it’s an album full of great songs.  ‘Move With The Season’ is my favourite track as it’s Temples at their most pastoral, a nod to The Byrds -it’s perfectly sublime. 


Stealing Sheep – Greed
This is a band I would love to be in, every aspect of Stealing Sheep’s world is colourful, inviting and brilliantly weird. This track was used in the trailer for their latest LP ‘Not Real.’ It’s hypnotic, brooding tone ignited a 30 second clip that showcased ‘legs’ the bands bold tights that have made ‘Not Real’ my Heavenly album sleeve of the year.

TOY – Dead & Gone
TOY’s debut single ‘Left Myself Behind’ was my first introduction to Heavenly Recordings noisy and glorious output. Their self-titled debut was a modern krautrock success, where the dark storm of ‘Dead & Gone’ with it’s crashing cymbals & grinding guitars made a heft impact on my bedroom speakers… it’s always a live highlight too.  

DRINKS – Laying Down Rock
A musical collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley from White Fence was always going to throw up something up that pushed musical boundaries and listeners’ ears. Where the LP ‘Hermits On Holiday’ is a curious & intoxicating record, ‘Laying Down Rock’ is the accessible single that plods along with a three-note riff guaranteed to keep you humming.

Duke Garwood – Honey In The Ear
This track from Duke Garwood’s solo record ‘Heavy Love’ is about his struggle with tinnitus. It’s fitting then that Garwood’s minimalistic approach to the blues whispers with such a gentle tone. ‘Heavy Love’ his first solo record with Heavenly, since collaborating with Heavenly’s current most revered artist Mark Lanegan on 2013’s ‘Black Pudding,’ Duke own output was the first record to be released in our 25th year.  

Hooton Tennis Club – Jasper
The bands first single and Lauren Lavern’s self proclaimed track of the year, ‘Jasper’ is a track written about singer Ryan Murphy’s grandad. Written a couple of weeks after he passed away, it’s not the most cheerful subject matter for a debut single. But, ‘Jasper’ is a celebration of his grandad’s life, an ode to a great man and their time together. Emotionally tangible as well as being a wonderful slice of fuzzy guitar pop, it’s my track of the year too.

Fred Perry Subculture will be teaming up with Heavenly Recordings at The Garage, London, on 26th November to celebrate 25 years of the iconic, highly influential, British independent music label, Founded by Jeff Barrett in 1990. Full line-up below.

The Wytches
+ Hooton Tennis Club / Nots / Britain 

DJs Sets
Primal Scream – Bobby Gillespie / Andrew Innes
Saint Etienne – Pete Wiggs / Bob Stanley
Heavenly DJ’s

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