Balloon at The Social


Balloon? Yeah, I remember them. What was it the man wrote? ‘God, I love this band’ and then proceeded to unwind simplicity’s power by explaining why. A right hand, shorn at the wrist, dangling from the handle of the passenger door. Red lights shot. Googlies at the goolies then a short one dug in to rip your head clean off. Sling yer hook, captain. The beatniks beat it. You should see the videos from New Orleans. Cabin fever. Doors to automatic. I’m thinking of making ’em into a movie should have been stars. Raging protest and side-splitting gags with the musical Morecambe and Wise. I also got a big brown box of Balloon t-shirts left over from the Bill Hicks tour. Apologies to the couple in Stoke-on-Trent who bought ’em by mistake. One LP, two singles, the odd track on an odd compilation, a few misses that shoulda been hits, songs that no one bought but most that did cherished, then silence. Now this.

Balloon play The Social, Fitzrovia, London on November 29.

The show arrives 24 years after the group released its debut Gravity on BMG/RCA. That album opened with a song called Why did it take so long, and closed with Farewell. Spooky, eh?


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