THIS SATURDAY: Idependent Label Market: Test Pressings For Sale For Charity!

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.23.28
We will be selling a number of HEAVENLY RECORDINGS Test Pressings for charity at the Independent Label Market : London (Summer 2017) this weekend at Old Spitalfields Market.
All proceeds will go to the Grenfell Tower Fund. General donations are also welcome.
TP’s 7”s
Night Beats – ‘Power Child’ – ‘Wolf’ – HVN338 x3
The Parrots – ‘No Me Gustas, Te Quiero’ – HVN345 x3
The Soft Pack – ‘Answer To Yourself’ – HVN194 x1
TOY – ‘I’m Still Believing’ – HVN351 x1
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – ‘Needle Of Death’ – Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning’ – HVN306 x8
TP’s 12”
Fever The Ghost – ‘Crab In Honey’ – HVN291 x3
Out Cold – ‘All I Want’ – HVN262 x5
Night Beats – ‘Sunday Mourning’ Jono Ma Remix – HVN341 x3
Mark Lanegan Band – ‘No Bells On Sunday’ – HVN289 x2
Jimi Goodwin – ‘Live Like A River’ – HVN3 x1
TOY – ‘Make It Mine’ – HVN252 x6
TOY -‘Spellbound EP’ – HVN352 x1
TOY/The Horrors – HVN258 x3
TOY – ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ – HVN255 x2
TP’s LP’s
Fionn Regan – ‘100 Acres Of Sycamore’ – HVNLP88 x2
TOY – ‘TOY’ – HVNLP94 x2
Eaves – HVNLP116DLX
NOTS – ‘Cosmetic’ – HVNLP131 x3
NOTS – ‘We Are Nots’ – HVNLP x4
Duke Garwood – ‘Heavy Love’ – HVNLP111 x2
Duke Garwood – ‘Garden Of Ashes’ – HVNLP134 x2
M.Craft – ‘Blood Moon’ – HVNLP128 x1
H.Hawkline – ‘I Romanticize’ – HVNLP138 x1
The Wytches – ‘All Your Happy Life’ – HVNLP130 x1
Fever The Ghost – ‘Zicronium Micronium’ – HVNLP120 x2
Palehound – ‘Dry Food’ – HVNLP125 x2
DRINKS – ‘Hermits On Holiday’ – HVNLP117 x2
Sea Of Bees – ‘Orangefarben’ – HVNLP93 x5
Cherry Ghost – ‘Herd Runners’ – HVNLP103 x1
East Village – ‘Drop Out’ – HVNLP3 x1
The Nectarine N0.9 – FHVNLP5 x1
Jockscot – FHVNLP6 x1
Mark Lanegan – HVNLPIZI x1
In addition to this some extra special Heavenly Goodies will be available in the raffle at Bush Hall this Friday for the Grenfell Fundraiser!

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