Thekla is a legendary music venue. It has been crucial in bringing big & up-and-coming bands from all over and putting Bristol on the map as a place to tour. Promoters there have always given local bands opportunities to open for acts they admire. Thekla has been a hub for local festivals such as Harbourside festival, Brisfest, Dot To Dot and more recently the Art is Hard birthday party. AND It’s one of the only live music venues for touring bands I can think of in the country that’s on a boat…

Many Heavenly bands have played onboard, Temples, Hooton Tennis Club, The Wytches, TOY, The Orielles. The venue is a Heavenly favourite. 

It is now under threat from proposed residential developments…

“Across the UK, an estimated 35% of grassroots music venues closed down between 2007 and 2015, many due to issues like this.”

The Fleece, The Exchange and The Stag and Hounds have had similar issues.

Don’t let this happen to Thekla! Don’t let them ruin the Bristol music scene.


Read more HERE  23215631_1804616206216171_7084722781566984287_o.jpg

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