Caught by the River Social Club

Caught by the River return to The Horse Hospital in March for a night of film, music & spoken word…


It is our pleasure to announce that our next evening of film, talk and music will take place on Tuesday 13 March at London’s Horse Hospital. Featuring:

– Dead Flows the Don: A magical odyssey up-river by David Bramwell. Mixing moving image, music and storytelling, David takes a personal journey up the Don to uncover the occult secrets of our waterways, battling his own thalassophobia (fear of what lurks beneath). David is an author, a musician and a Sony Award winning presented for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. (Watch the trailer for Dead Flows the Don here.)

– A live performance from Jim Ghedi. Living in the Moss Valley – the abandoned and forgotten area on the edgelands of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire – it makes perfect sense that Jim Ghedi’s music feels both fluidly transient yet deeply rooted to a sense of place. Jim’s second albu ‘A Hymn for Ancient Land’ was released in January 2018, and gained 4* in the FT, who described it as “landscape music, a close relative of landscape art.”

DJ on the night will be Stephen Cracknell (The Memory Band); MC will be John Andrews.

Tickets are £8 in advance and available here.

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