Counterpoint at Tate Modern


Counterpoint celebrates a new wave of London jazz-inspired musicians who are on the rise worldwide. This monthly night sees musicians applying their improv skills to their record collections, with selected pairings playing back to back each night.

Tickets are free for under 25s who sign up to Tate Collective, or £5 in advance or on the door.

June 14th: Ms Maurice aka Sheila M. Maurice-Grey b2b Cassie Kinoshi
Visual artist with work on sale: Lewis Heriz Illustration

Sheila Maurice-Grey and Cassie Kinoshi play trumpet and clarinet respectively in KOKOROKONÉRIJA and SEED Ensemble. They’re first call for musicians like Kano, Kwes and Loyle Carner when they want to turn the musicianship levels up high.

July 5th: Joe Armon-Jones b2b Kwake Bass
Visual artist with work on sale: Ben Connors + Plantain Papers

Ezra Collective member Joe Armon-Jones brings pure dynamism to the keyboards. In a town of great drummers, Sampha-collaborator Kwake Bass is arguably the most creative. They’ll be cooking up a dub set for Counterpoint.

Aug 2nd Steam Down Special: Ahnansé b2b Wonky Logic + Alex Rita and Nadeem
Visual artist with work on sale: Raimund Wong and Total Refreshment Centre

The Steam Down Collective’s weekly spot in Deptford spontaneously creates grimey afro-futuristic brilliance, alongside some of the most hype crowds on the planet. Ahnansé leads the band, on sax. Wonky Logic holds everything down on synth bass. Whatever they do, it’ll be fire.

Musical grounding is provided at each event by Música Macondofeaturing Tim GarciaTeju AdeleyeTash LCIAMRISHA, MARINA and Mr. Redley

Each event will also celebrate some of the visual artists connected to this upsurge of diaspora-centred talent. Lewis Heriz, Raimund Wong, Ben Connors and the collective behind the very excellent Plantain Papers magazine will be showing and selling their work. Bring cash!

The event has been put together by writer and broadcaster Emma Warren:

“These new generation musicians play at a ridiculously sophisticated level. They grew up in producer culture and they get the dance, and this combination is creating something new. They bring with them a powerful culture of improvisation and collaboration and now we’ll get to see how they apply their improv skills when there are some records in the mix.”

Venue: Terrace Bar, Tate Modern (Blavatnik Building)

Artwork: Ben Connors

Tate Collective sign up:


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