Rough Trade Books Presents The Second Series…


We loved the first series of Rough Trade Books pamphlets featuring Salena Goddard’s poetry, a Jon Savage photography pamphlet, David Keenan & Sophy Hollington’s tarot cards and drawings from Daniel Blumberg amongst others.

Adelle Stripe reviewed the series for the Caught by the River site which you can read here.

Now, the Rough Trade Books venture has revealed it’s second series of beautifully produced pamphlets – continuing to tell the stories of why counter-culture matters, has mattered and will matter.

The second series includes our friends James Endeacott’s ‘The Tall Short Stories of…,” Richard Kings fictional account of Arthur Russell & Allen Ginsburg’s week together in the Castskill Mountains, a music manuel from Late of the Pier & so much more.

Head over to the Rough Trade Books shop to pre-order these new editions.


Catch Rough Trade Books on the Caught by the River stage at this years Good Life Festival.


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