Introducing Dinked. “Independent but stronger together”


A message from our friends at The Drift Record Shop, Resident, Piccadilly, Transmission, Stranger Than Paradise & more…


Hello, Friends.

We’re hyped to announce today that alongside our buds at¬†Resident, Piccadilly¬†and¬†Transmission, we have formed a new¬†collective of like-minded shops under the banner of¬†Dinked. We will be bringing you exclusive¬†pressings¬†(both new, old, weird and wild)¬†and we’ve started things off with exclusive editions of the new¬†Kurt Vile¬†LP¬†Bottle It In¬†and the¬†John Carpenter¬†Halloween OST.

Kurt¬†collaborated¬†with Courtney Barnett on¬†Lotta Sea Lice¬†last year, but it’s been three years since his last studio LP¬†b’lieve¬†I’m¬†goin¬†down…¬†and it’s great to have him back.

Our limited pressing is on double orange & yellow splatter vinyl, with a die-cut sleeve andcustom rounded corners (you know, like the Doors L.A. Woman sleeve). Limited to just 800 numbered copies, available at Dinked shops only.

Released on¬†Friday 12th October, it’s up for¬†preorder¬†now¬†(also on CD and regular vinyl editions).

Iconic director and musician¬†John Carpenter¬†returns as soundtrack creator for the 2018 reboot of the iconic ‘Halloween’ series. Limited to just 200 copies these are going to FLY.¬†UK Exclusive Pumpkin Orange vinyl pressing¬†and includes a¬†12″ Art Print.

Released on¬†Friday 19th October, it’s up for¬†preorder¬†now (also on CD).


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