πŸ“· A Guide To Music Photography by Neelam Khan Vela

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 14.26.37

*Reggie & Clarence | Confidence Man | Scala | 08/08/2018

Our friend Neelam Khan Vela is a music photographer who has been out on the road with The Orielles & Parrots as well capturing Confidence Man’s recent summer shows.

We’re big fans of Neelam’s on & off stage shots and now you can read all about her journey over at ID Magazine:

“The best thing is the ability to travel and discover different cities and parts of the world that I would probably never go to if it wasn’t for the job. And, above all, I get to meet lots of amazing people in those places.”

Read all about Neelam’s tour highlights which include front row action of King Gizzard in Hebden Bridge! + what is to be a woman music photographer here.



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