Jeff’s Favourites of 2018 Playlist

Untitled design

Heavenly’s very own Jeff has compiled a Spotify Playlist of his most loved, most listened to and most DJ’d tracks released in 2018 (with a couple of exceptional allowances!*)

It’s an eclectic mix of Turkish Jazz, Disco, Country Pop and more from the likes of Sudan Archives, Peggy Gou and Kacey Musgraves among others.

* “The Boss gave me strict orders to stick to tracks that were released for the first time in 2018. I cheated, twice, and here’s my excuse: both the Karminsky’s track and that brilliantly nuts Bermuda Seytan were released on 7″ for the first time in 2018. Fair Enough Right?”

Listen to Jeff’s picks here.

We’ll have plenty more perspectives on 2018 from the rest of the Heavenly team in the coming weeks, in the form of more playlists, so keep an eye and an ear out here for those!

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