Broadcasts for the Self-Isolated

All of us at Heavenly are now working from home and it seems at this point that many people are taking it upon themselves to self-isolate in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19. Obviously it feels very dystopian and weird, but it’s also a great chance to sit and listen to all those records still in their shrink wrap, all those playlists your friends have made, and all those radio shows they won’t let you put on at work.

We thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of the great broadcasts that regularly occupy our office airwaves, and which will no doubt be keeping us company at home over the coming days. So here it is, our COVID-19 FM:

Morning Glory with James Endeacott and Raf Rundell

Every morning in the office starts with two hours of killer recommendations from our pals James and Raf. Ultra eclectic, expect plenty of spiritual jazz, dub and soul alongside killer techno, post punk and a healthy dollop of Dylan. Start your day right!

Listen 10am-12pm Monday-Friday on Soho Radio, or on their Mixcloud archive.

Emma Warren on Worldwide FM

Emma Warren is a woman full of wisdom. For years she’s documented music culture as a journalist for magazines like Jockey Slut and The Face, an interviewer for Red Bull Music Academy and more recently an author, telling the story of the integral London jazz venue Total Refreshment Centre in her book Make Some Space.

Her show on Worldwide FM is your chance to absorb some of that wisdom. You’ll come out feeling emboldened to go out and do something, to make a difference in your community. Oh, and you’ll also here some mindblowing music. Jazz, Hip Hop, Grime and beyond.

Listen here.

Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music

We love Lauren. She’s a big supporter of Heavenly bands and independent music in general. Always a solid listen!

Listen here.

Roaring 20s Radio on Soho Radio

Presented by Salena Godden, Amah-Rose Abrams and Matt Abbot Roaring 20s Radio amplifies the best art, culture, books, poetry and activism as we roar into a new decade.

Listen here.

Rough Trade Books on Soho Radio

An always enjoyable engagement with the authors of the publisher’s latest pamphlets.

Listen here.

Stranger Than Paradise Records on Netil Radio

Fortnightly show keeping us up to date with all the new releases and reissues that may have slipped us by.

Listen here.

Stay safe!

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