Will Burns ‘Country Music’

Our pal Will Burns is releasing a new collection of his poetry next month titled Country Music.

Will has been poet-in-residence for Caught by the River, and has released music in collaboration with Hannah Peel for their label Rivertones. You may recognise him from various CBTR events or just seeing him leaning at the end of the bar at The Social.

The collection, his debut book, will be published by Off Road Books:

The poems in Country Music are observant, curious, finding everywhere they look detail worthy of notice, determined in that ‘The falsehood is that there is little / left for us to know’. This same faith in the minutiae of the world acknowledges the cost of our decisions, however small – that ‘To feel the evening coming up / and to stream one way or another’ can be the difference between this life and that, ‘at once to feel / all these things change’.

In its evocations of doubt and responsibility, music and memory, Country Music is a debut of immense power from one of British poetry’s most accomplished new voices.

“The poetry of Will Burns is made of smoke and mystery, pale light after the rain, and cutting, razor-sharp memory. It’s the blood that runs through those who walk alone in woods and alleyways at night.” – Mark Lanegan

Unfortunately, the launch event for the book has been cancelled, but we highly recommend you to order a copy here.

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