Believe In Magic Hour #7

Three times one?
(What is it?)
(One, two, three!)
And that’s a Magic Number”

It’s 3 o’clock and we are back with some things we’ve been enjoying:

Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio



We’ve all got a love/hate relationship with radio. When it’s good there’s nothing like it…that moment of discovery when an amazing tune you’ve never heard comes on and you stop what you’re doing and just stare at the radio, mouth open taking it all in. You heartbeat quickens and you feel elated and grateful that you were listening to that radio station at that time.

At other times radio can be like that disgusting wallpaper in your Aunties house. The type of wallpaper that just can’t be bothered to do anything…it just exists to cover up whatever lies beneath it. There are times when the radio can just be on and serve no purpose other than to fill in the space around you and if you actually listen to it it can annoy you so much that you find yourself shouting at it and arguing with it. The music and inane chat all blend into one and you wonder why you bother.

You bother because every now again you strike gold and discover something new, something that will enrich your life and put a spring in your step.

Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is nothing like wallpaper. Each episode is a musical journey like you’ve never been on before. You will laugh, cry, dance and sing along as Dylan goes to the core of what great radio is….


“Turn the radio on, Don’t touch the dials…”  Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan (2020)


(James Endeacott)


✶ ✶ ✶

Now Listening: Traffik Island ‘Ulla Dulla’

Bits and Peace (Bullant Remix) & Ulla Dulla are the opening 2 tracks of Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam. Our friends at Flightless Records released this gem earlier this year. The song is accompanied by a funky clip some sweet moves that are safe to replicate indoors. (Daisy)

✶ ✶ ✶

Danny’s Pick – Edan ~ Echo Party Movie (directed by Tom Fitzgerald)

Something of a love letter to late 70’s / early 80’s NYC, Echo Party originated as a carefully woven audio-only mega-mix. A pastiche of early rapp, dusted disco and post-punk ~ utilizing everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and moog to kazoo… Records both classic and obscure served as the foundation / canvas for Edan’s sonic embellishment via musical instruments, various effects (tape echo, reverb, phasing) and techniques (edit-style chopping, stereo panning/imaging). The end result is essentially a fever-dream of fast moving audio vignettes that blur the line between the pre-existing recordings, and brand new composition. Once completed (circa 2009), the heady audio collage was then given to celluloid-splicer-extraordinaire, Tom Fitzgerald, who meticulously set the music to a wild array of found footage ~ sources ranging from Bollywood & martial arts films to subversive 60’s animation, obscure new wave 8mm & vintage breakdance/graff footage. (Enjoy… Preferably on headphones, or sat in the middle of two decent speakers…)

✶ ✶ ✶

Same time, same place tomorrow…

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