Believe In Magic #9

Dorothy – Stay Safe – Saint Etienne

Liverpool print designers Dorothy have re-worked Saint Etienne’s Fox Base Alpha sleeve:

“We’ve re-imagined (okay tinkered with) one of our favourite album’s covers for our Isolation Nation exhibition responding to COVID-19 #lockdown Massive thanks”

See more #isolationnation #SocialDistancing

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Mark Lanegan – an interview with Rolling Stone

“With the release of his new memoir, ‘Sing Backwards and Weep,’ the former Screaming Trees frontman is finally ready to reflect on his dark past.

For a quarter of a century now, Mark Lanegan has been running away from his past.

From the mid-Eighties until 2000, he fronted Screaming Trees, a hard rocking, neo-psychedelic band that got swept up in the major labels’ Seattle-grunge gold rush and crossed over into the mainstream with “Nearly Lost You.” Along the way, Lanegan befriended Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, recorded with the supergroup Mad Season, and launched a solo career playing bluesy, rootsy rock that was more melancholy and brooding than the output of his grungy peers. He’s always had a deep, husky, world-weary voice and unpredictable onstage presence that made him one of the most formidable frontmen to emerge from the Emerald City. At the same time, he also nursed addictions to heroin, crack, and sex — vices that led him into homelessness and almost to an early grave.”

 A truly brilliant piece of writing, check out this Mark Lanegan interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Now Listening… Carl Gosling – Heavenly Jukebox 2013

“I dug out this old Heavenly Jukebox mix for Bestival I did back in 2013. Features killer tracks by The Asphodells, Antibalas, DJ Pareja, Out Cold, A Guy Called Gerald, Jagwar Ma, Sophie, Daphni, Francis Bebey and more.”


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