Believe In Magic Hour #16

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Today’s Magic Hour is a Social Gathering special.

Our favourite hangout The Social has uploaded it’s upstairs booths to the world wide web, so we can still gather round and hear mad stories from all the amazing people that hang out there without leaving our homes. So far articles by Lias Saoudi (Fat White Family), Wendy Erskine, Jeremy Deller, Jonny Trunk and more have gone up, with more added every day.

Here are three favourites from the past few days.

✹ ✹ ✹

Shaun Ryder & The Salford Sioux


How did a group of Sioux tribe native Americans end up settling in Salford in the late 1800s? Who better to tell the story than Shaun Ryder, of course.

We love this animated film by Glenn Kitson and Will Murphy. Watch and read all about it here.

✹ ✹ ✹

Thoughts, connected, on Mayday by Anna Wood


Writer Anna Wood recalls being kettled by military police during an anticapitalist protest in Oxford Circus on May Day 2001, and pissing on a copper’s boot.

Read it here, and see also Brian David Stevens’ photos from that very day here.

✹ ✹ ✹

Sounds – Jeff O’Toole


Sadly Sounds From The Other City, Salford’s celebration of new music, performance and art, didn’t happen this year, for reasons obvious. Thankfully our pal Jeff O’Toole stepped in to fill the void somewhat with a fantastic playlist featuring some of the great bands he’s seen and discovered at the festival!

Read and listen here.

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