Believe In Magic Hour #22

Liverpool new music and culture magazine Bido Lito! is celebrating 10 years in existence this month. So they’re giving us their three favourite things of the moment:


This issue came out on 27th February, which feels like an eternity ago! It was the last magazine that we published before lockdown, so it’s taken on a strange poignance for us. We’ve put out a magazine every month since May 2010 – in fact, we’ve just passed the 10-year anniversary of the first issue while in lockdown. It feels really strange as we were never set up to be a digital magazine. But you have to roll with the times! Hopefully we’ll be back in the usual groove soon enough.
The Orielles spoke to us in the run-up to the release of Disco Volador, and it was the second time they’d featured on our front cover. The previous time, in February 2017, they were just babies! They’ve really advanced since then, rocking out their own modern ESG vibe; they’ve obviously got so many strings to their bow, they’re a multi-dimensional band. The interview also came around the time of news of the passing of Andrew Weatherall – his dub version of Sugar Tastes Like Salt really opened up how much was going on in that Orielles sound. It’s hard to imagine them exploring the outer reaches of space that they have without this piece of insight from the Guvnor.

✹ ✹ ✹


A fellow Brasilophile and podcast nerd alerted me to this series on Twitter recently. It was recorded in 2006 with Brahma and took Gilles Peterson’s love of Brazilian music and threw him in to the middle of the culture to see how the music manifests itself. It’s really light and dynamic, built around the rhythms of samba, bossa nova and bailey funk. There are some great interviews that help bring out a real insight into the Brazilian way of live through there connection with music; it’s also not heavy on crate-digging, with lots of emphasis given to the music of contemporary Rio and Sāo Paulo. Even if you don’t have an existing love for Brazilian music, you can groove along and tap in to the Brazilian psyche with ease. It was done before the podcast boom, so it’s hard to find them all in one place – but the prkusuction is still great and feels as fresh as anything you’ll find today.


✹ ✹ ✹


While almost everything about this lockdown situation sucks, one bright spot has been the role creativity has played. People have turned to creating for distraction, expression, mental health benefits and communication. This Channel Four series will be a fantastic time capsule of people’s ingenuity in lockdown and the importance of art in a crisis. Seeing a variety of people getting creative in all manners of ways with limited resources is really heartening. It also remind us of the great work The Convenience Gallery with The Open Door Centre are doing here on Merseyside.


✹ ✹ ✹


That’s all from us. It would be remiss for us not to mention our Membership. As a free monthly magazine relying on advertising from festival, promoters, venues, bars and cafes, like for many people, this is a very trying time for Bido Lito!. We’re keeping on with regular stories on the website and a weekly e-newsletter with the best bits but we really need people to join our community of members to keep us going and ensure we survive to get back in print as soon as possible. If you can spare £7 a month and want some goodies – including a cool tote bag, end of year journal and an exclusive copy of our forthcoming Lockdown Zine (not to mention a wonderful magazine on your door step once a month – please considering becoming a Bido Lito! member


✹ ✹ ✹

Same time, same place tomorrow…

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