Believe In Magic Hour #25

Orielles dubplate winner revealed

The Orielles have revealed the winner of their ‘Euro Borealis’ remix competition to be Lenny Wainwright’s chilled out dub version.

About the competition, the band said:

“Every remix we received was great, we’ll be contacting contestants about an online mixtape so that all remixes can be listened to and enjoyed!”

✹ ✹ ✹

Stay In & Chill 043 – Jason Boardman


Our pal Jason has made a fantastic mellow mix for Test Pressing’s Stay In & Chill series.

✹ ✹ ✹

Liner Notes for a Lockdown: 17 Useful Albums To Have On Hand by Pete Paphides


“There are two possible soundtracks to a lockdown. There’s the music one you would compile in the event of a lockdown; and then there’s the music you actually feel like listening to once lockdown has happened.”

“These days, it’s more likely to be Smokey R over Sunn O))); Teenage Fanclub over Tricky; ABBA over Aphex.”

An excellent piece by Pete Paphides on the Love Record Stores blog, filled to the brim with feel-good recommendations to boot.


✹ ✹ ✹

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