Believe In Magic #14

Bandcamp is kindly wavering fees so that all of the money goes straight to the artist.

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share three Bandcamp finds today for Magic Hour!

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The sound of seagulls in the new Hooton Tennis Club tunes makes me long to sit by the Mersey. The boys are back! Rejoice! (Katherine)

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This was one of my favourite finds on Bandcamp. DJ Tahira is fantastic. (Daisy)

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“This tune is amazing.” (Jeff )



Believe In Magic Hour #13


Here is a selection of 3 things we’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks.IGNORANCE𝟏

A couple of weeks ago Everpress posted a piece about the importance of the creative industry and how it is affected by the current crisis. They talked to four different members of the global creative community about how T-shirts are their lifeline at the moment.

“Making a living as an artist is never easy, but the COVID-19 crisis looks set to pose a near-unprecedented challenge to creatives, musicians and artists alike, especially those early on in their career.Anything that offers stability right now is a lifeline. Here Kim Van VuurenLucas HesseSarah Firth and Ignorance1 reflect on how the past few weeks have affected what they do, and why merch is vital.”


Ignorance𝟏’s brilliant designs caught our eye!

Born in Aversa, near Naples, but now based out of Milan, Ignorance1 works across spheres, both in fashion as a digital designer and as a digital artist.


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The soundtrack to “Dead Man’s Shoes” turned my 18 year old self onto Bonnie Prince Billy, Bill Callahan and a more unknown and extremely tragic artist by the name of Gavin Clark. Shane Meadows also made a short documentary on him which you can watch here (Dan McEvoy)

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Today Mark Lanegan released his memoir, and our friend Will Burns has written a brilliant review about the book on Caught by the River.

“This is as hard-won a story as any and Lanegan’s genuinely literary construction is of a human exposed for all his weakness and his strength, which is, of course, something like living itself.” – could also take out the first bit so it reads “Lanegan’s genuinely literary construction is of a human exposed for all his weakness and his strength, which is, of course, something like living itself.”
Will Burns has reviewed the memoir on Caught by the River, in addition to this he has created a playlist that is now in the Lanegan vault.”


Alongside artists including Bobby Gillespie, Duff McKagen, Alison Mosshart, Liela Moss, Dylan Carlson and Peter Hook, Will has created a playlist of his favourite Mark Lanegan songs for The Vault – a platform celebrating Lanegan’s extensive catalogue.



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Same time, same place tomorrow…


Believe In Magic Hour #12



Music Venue Trust has launched an initiative to prevent the closure of hundreds of independent music venues across the country.

Crowdfunder campaigns are currently raising money to support the venues and their staff, with any excess money given to Music Venue Trust GMV Crisis Fund to protect other venues in need.

We want to highlight three venues close to our hearts that we feel would be a devastating loss if they were unable to reopen.

Please consider donating if you are able to. Chip in the price of a ticket for that gig that was free entry, perhaps, or that you were given guest list for.

Donate to the venues directly via the links below, or to the campaign as a whole here.


20161030002539 800px - Ph CFaruolo20161030005639 800px - Ph CFaruolo

There’s hardly a Heavenly band that hasn’t graced the glittery MOTH Club stage at one point or another. One of those venues that feels like so much more, especially with their club nights, film screenings and all the rest.


20161030010041 800px - Ph CFaruolo

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The Shacklewell Arms

20141110232507 800px - Ph CFaruolo20150315231653 800px - Ph CFaruolo

Like MOTH Club’s grimier older brother, The Shack has been the best place to see new bands in London for years. With the gigs often being free entry, it’s easy to take a punt on someone you’ve never heard of, with the best case scenario of having your mind blown and the worst case scenario of having a nice cold pint in the pub up front or in the garden.



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The Waiting Room

Another in the Bad Vibrations family of venues, the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington has hosted numerous Heavenly groups over the years. The smallest of the bunch – although it can be hard to tell when they’re all full of sweaty bodies – The Waiting Room


Believe In Magic Hour #11


Art of Now: Mixtape For Zimbabwe – BBC Radio 4


Celebrating 40 years of Zimbabwe’s independence, UK based writer Belinda Zhawi selects songs from the country of her birth.


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Uzelli Elektro Saz


We love this compilation of rare Turkish electric saz cassette recordings from Uzelli’s vast cassette catalogue. If you want to trace the roots back from modern bands like Altın Gün and Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek, check this out. Recommended by our friends at Stranger Than Paradise Records, you can pick up a copy from them here.

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American Soul Music 1955-1972


Jeff recommends this soul playlist from Cairo Records, a Mississippi Records sub label whose compilations of the same name are absolute treasures.


Believe In Magic Hour #10


Tony Crean & Mark McNulty Recall Portishead’s Debut US Tour


Following the Portishead Essential mix posted the other day I remembered that it was originally released at the time of the band’s debut US tour which I was doing press on, so asked good friend & photographer Mark McNulty who was covering the dates for his memories from 25 years ago…

“I flew out to Toronto on 25th April and got there just in time for the gig. Jetlag was kicking in but I remember some of Spiritualized came down to the show. Day 2 was Pontiac, on the outskirts of Detroit. Jetlag was wearing off and I’ve got very vivid memories of just how good Andy Smith’s DJ set was ahead of the show. The following morning, we flew to Boston and had a day off. We were staying out by Harvard so I wondered around the University but I had to cover up my t-shirt because people were horrified at the Herb Garden magazine logo ‘Yoof Culture for the Narcotically Challenged’. In the evening we all went out for dinner and then went to see a hard rock band called The Upper Crust who wore powdered wigs and had a singer called Lord Bendover. Day 3 was gig day and a brilliant show at Avalon, Boston. I also did a portrait shoot with the band outside of the venue as I was documenting  the tour for Q Magazine. After the show, it was tools down and way too much drinking followed. It was also the first time I’ve ever seen bar tenders working a  room selling shots and the novelty of it got the better of us. The following morning we flew to New York for a gig at the Supper Club. I wasn’t actually at the gig, as I flew back to the UK the same night but we made the best of the worst hangover ever and managed to take in Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields, the Dakota, Times Square and more. Good times if a little hazy…”

I can only add that as well being a cracking bunch of people to work with, those early Portishead gigs were some of the most intense & exciting live music I’ve seen, taut with pure beat & blues knife-edge energy which still send a shiver across a quarter of a century…

And that Goodwin the red panda in Central Park Zoo is still the best hangover cure ever.


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Thank You Sea Change!

Sea Chnage Website Banner

We had a blast over the weekend in virtual-Totnes for the online edition of Sea Change Festival. We felt a real togetherness and energy that we feared would be sorely lost behind screens and wi-fi transmissions. Big props to Rupert and everyone behind the scenes for really pulling together and making the most of a dire situation.

Listen back to Token Girl DJs Sunday morning set here, and read Katherine’s love letter to festival dancing here.

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Dan McEvoy’s Recommendation of the Day

Sonny Barrett told me that I’d like this and he was right! Aerial M has gone under different aliases and played in quite alot of bands. A very cool fella.

[Drag City reissued this a few years ago and it looks like Norman Records still have copies left. David Pajo forever – Sonny]


Believe In Magic #9

Dorothy – Stay Safe – Saint Etienne

Liverpool print designers Dorothy have re-worked Saint Etienne’s Fox Base Alpha sleeve:

“We’ve re-imagined (okay tinkered with) one of our favourite album’s covers for our Isolation Nation exhibition responding to COVID-19 #lockdown Massive thanks”

See more #isolationnation #SocialDistancing

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Mark Lanegan – an interview with Rolling Stone

“With the release of his new memoir, ‘Sing Backwards and Weep,’ the former Screaming Trees frontman is finally ready to reflect on his dark past.

For a quarter of a century now, Mark Lanegan has been running away from his past.

From the mid-Eighties until 2000, he fronted Screaming Trees, a hard rocking, neo-psychedelic band that got swept up in the major labels’ Seattle-grunge gold rush and crossed over into the mainstream with “Nearly Lost You.” Along the way, Lanegan befriended Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, recorded with the supergroup Mad Season, and launched a solo career playing bluesy, rootsy rock that was more melancholy and brooding than the output of his grungy peers. He’s always had a deep, husky, world-weary voice and unpredictable onstage presence that made him one of the most formidable frontmen to emerge from the Emerald City. At the same time, he also nursed addictions to heroin, crack, and sex — vices that led him into homelessness and almost to an early grave.”

 A truly brilliant piece of writing, check out this Mark Lanegan interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Now Listening… Carl Gosling – Heavenly Jukebox 2013

“I dug out this old Heavenly Jukebox mix for Bestival I did back in 2013. Features killer tracks by The Asphodells, Antibalas, DJ Pareja, Out Cold, A Guy Called Gerald, Jagwar Ma, Sophie, Daphni, Francis Bebey and more.”



Believe In Magic Hour #8

Little Richard – The greatest rock ‘n’ roll star – London, August 1972

A conversation between Jeff, Danny and Tony in the office:

Danny: My word, that Little Richard interview is incredible.

Jeff: It really is isn’t it. You watch that and you gotta give him the crown haven’t you, he’s the king. And that was ’72 when, as the interview points out, the hits had dried up over a decade previously which in those fast moving times was a fucking eternity. But by the same token he’s super GLAM too, what a beautiful spiritual guy. And this is the record he was plugging – it wasn’t a ‘hit’ but it’s fucking incendiary!

Have you ever read this? It’s an amazing story and brilliantly told. If you think about buying it – and you should read it if you haven’t – the earlier edition had a better cover. Worth searching for it used.

Tony: Saw him play in the early 2000s, he was ace then too.

Jeff: Did you, wow, where was that T? I’ve never seen him play.

Tony: It was the Royal Festival Hall, think it was 2006, Suna’s still got his make up-stained tissues from the stage!

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Portishead – Essential Mix Classics – BBC Radio 1 – 23/04/1995

First broadcast 25 years ago today…

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My shrunken world: lockdown in Camden – In Pictures


“Challenging herself to see her immediate environment in a new way, photographer Sarah Lee, who has been on complete lockdown for over four weeks, shot these images on an iPhone within a one-mile radius of her home in Camden Town, north London”

via The Guardian

same time, same place tomorrow…


Believe In Magic Hour #7

Three times one?
(What is it?)
(One, two, three!)
And that’s a Magic Number”

It’s 3 o’clock and we are back with some things we’ve been enjoying:

Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio



We’ve all got a love/hate relationship with radio. When it’s good there’s nothing like it…that moment of discovery when an amazing tune you’ve never heard comes on and you stop what you’re doing and just stare at the radio, mouth open taking it all in. You heartbeat quickens and you feel elated and grateful that you were listening to that radio station at that time.

At other times radio can be like that disgusting wallpaper in your Aunties house. The type of wallpaper that just can’t be bothered to do anything…it just exists to cover up whatever lies beneath it. There are times when the radio can just be on and serve no purpose other than to fill in the space around you and if you actually listen to it it can annoy you so much that you find yourself shouting at it and arguing with it. The music and inane chat all blend into one and you wonder why you bother.

You bother because every now again you strike gold and discover something new, something that will enrich your life and put a spring in your step.

Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is nothing like wallpaper. Each episode is a musical journey like you’ve never been on before. You will laugh, cry, dance and sing along as Dylan goes to the core of what great radio is….


“Turn the radio on, Don’t touch the dials…”  Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan (2020)


(James Endeacott)


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Now Listening: Traffik Island ‘Ulla Dulla’

Bits and Peace (Bullant Remix) & Ulla Dulla are the opening 2 tracks of Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam. Our friends at Flightless Records released this gem earlier this year. The song is accompanied by a funky clip some sweet moves that are safe to replicate indoors. (Daisy)

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Danny’s Pick – Edan ~ Echo Party Movie (directed by Tom Fitzgerald)

Something of a love letter to late 70’s / early 80’s NYC, Echo Party originated as a carefully woven audio-only mega-mix. A pastiche of early rapp, dusted disco and post-punk ~ utilizing everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and moog to kazoo… Records both classic and obscure served as the foundation / canvas for Edan’s sonic embellishment via musical instruments, various effects (tape echo, reverb, phasing) and techniques (edit-style chopping, stereo panning/imaging). The end result is essentially a fever-dream of fast moving audio vignettes that blur the line between the pre-existing recordings, and brand new composition. Once completed (circa 2009), the heady audio collage was then given to celluloid-splicer-extraordinaire, Tom Fitzgerald, who meticulously set the music to a wild array of found footage ~ sources ranging from Bollywood & martial arts films to subversive 60’s animation, obscure new wave 8mm & vintage breakdance/graff footage. (Enjoy… Preferably on headphones, or sat in the middle of two decent speakers…)

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Same time, same place tomorrow…


Believe In Magic Hour #6


Now listening… Laura Groves – Courtyard

Laura Groves has just released a gorgeous cover of a Bobbie Gentry classic. And for a very good cause too, as 50% of all donations will be given to the NHS. Wrap your ears around this beauty:

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Happy Birthday David Keenan


Today is author, tarot reader extraordinaire and Heavenly friend David Keenan’s birthday. If you haven’t read his incredible books For The Good Times, This Is Memorial Device and England’s Hidden Reverse, we highly recommend you fast-track them to the top of your isolation reading pile.

Here’s a photo of David with our Katherine and Sonny on the makeshift dance floor of Dartington Cricket Club. ‘Twas the night before Sea Change, and also Jeff’s birthday; he insisted on DJing himself, blasting soul 45s into the night through a speaker stack worthy of Notting Hill Carnival. Keenan brought the dance moves to match.

Sea Change takes place online this weekend. Find out more.

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Sophie’s Isolation Social diary

Sophie Green.jpg

The Social crew have displayed an admirable fighting spirit during this lockdown, together they have created ‘The Social Gathering’ broadsheet, a brilliant paper that ‘welcomes the endless Sunday.’ Sophie Green’s weekly ‘Isolation Social Diary’ is a weekly highlight of mine, documenting the ups, downs and in the middles of life in the new abnormal… it’s a comforting read. I admire my friend’s courage to put pen to paper and share her thoughts during this tough time. It’s made me laugh and cry in equal measure and I can’t get enough of her daily Instagram stories too. Follow @fishlill on instagram here and on The Social website here.

Be sure to check it out!

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Same time, same place tomorrow…


Believe In Magic Hour #5

Bartley Gorman – King of the Travellers

When I was about 13 I’d gotten bored of reading Roald Dahl and type of stuff that is aimed kids of that age. The boredom was filled with the biographies of extremely naughty men. The Kray Twins, Lennie McLean, Roy Shaw, Dave Courtney and other assorted “Hard Bastards”. Quite weird looking back at it.

One summer school holiday I happened upon the biography of Bartley Gorman, aka The King of The Gypsies. I can remember being very impressed with a tale in there of someone regularly eating pint glasses as a party trick. Also quite weird looking back at it.

A few years later I found myself at music college in Nottingham, my Mum was very thankful that I’d grown out of being obsessed with shit gangsters and swapped it for music. The college I was at also had a functioning commercial studio attached to it, there was often talk of who was in there amongst us eager students sniffing for a bit of work experience and a go on the buttons.

Someone who was in there quite a lot was a then unknown director Shane Meadows, who was mixing the audio for the film Dead Man’s Shoes. I delved back into his previous work and found that one of his first forays into film was a documentary on The King of The Gypsies that was Bartley Gorman, the very same hard bastard whose book I’d read a few years previous.

There’s been talk of a full length feature film on Bartley Gorman, directed by Shane himself for a long time. I hope it gets made and I wonder how they will film the scene of eating pint glasses.

(Dan McEvoy)

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Sunshine in Soho – 1956

Step into 1950’s soho, where everyone dressed sharp and the Summer fair is taking place… The BFI have put this film up for free, it is a delightfully relaxing watch. Watch Sunshine in Soho

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Lockdown conference calls though history #1