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Heavenly Cacophony - The Soft Pack
Heavenly Cacophony - The Soft Pack

Heavenly Recordings is proud to announce that it’s in business with The Soft Pack.

The four piece Punk Rock band from San Diego are the first signing to the label in ages, due mostly to the bullshit it had to endure during it’s latter days at EMI.  Now, Heavenly is liberated and here’s the celebration.

“We flipped on hearing the (Muslims) recordings late last year and immediately went over to LA to see them. It’s our kind of Punk Rock. Melodic and discordant and tuneful and shambolic and intense and man, what a drummer. They have all the contradictions that a young band should have. Like The Modern Lovers and The Saints and the Elevators and the Velvets before them. Thankfully they liked us too and hands have been shaken”

The band are currently playing shows in Europe before returning to the U.S. to finish writing their debut record which is due out early 2010 on Heavenly / Co-op.