Remember Roger Eagle?

Roger Eagle, DJ, born July 15, 1942; died May 4, 1999
Roger Eagle, DJ, born July 15, 1942; died May 4, 1999

You do? . . .  you don’t? . . . you should!

Next Monday, May 4th, is the tenth anniversary of the passing of Roger Eagle & all next week the ‘Caught by the River’ website will be remembering him with the help of those who knew & worked with him throughout an influentially concentrated life.

As resident Dj at the Twisted Wheel club he was responsible for importing the sounds of American Rock n’ Roll & Rythm & Blues which would become the sound of ‘Northern Soul’ which the club became infamous for.  However  I got very, very fed up having to call ambulances . . . and not being allowed to play the full range of music.’ he said in refrence to the amphetimine fuelled pace of the music he was having to play in order to keep the speeding dancers satisfied.

From there Roger then provided the focal point for the underground sound of Manchester at the ‘Magic Village’ importing US West coast sounds, light shows, filmscreenings & happenings.  He also managed Manchester’s first psychedelic band ‘Greasy  Bear’.

When he moved to Liverpool he helped set up the excellent Probe record shop which is still going today & promoted shows for David Bowie, Lou Reed & Captain Beefheart in an old boxing venue called the Liverpool stadium & then he went on to open ‘Erics’ the influential punk rock club ‘a second home for the new Mersey beatniks’.

“He studied music and bands, the way a gambler studies racing form”

Pete Fulwell co owner of Eric’s

“Roger always responded to inquiries about the music he championed with a barrage of information and frequently a compilation tape. His enthusiasm never let up. I remember him crying with joy when he secured a booking for his Tamla Motown hero, Junior Walker” Paul Wirral

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